Creative ways to tie a scarf !

Scarves and stoles – the most underrated fashion accessory which can actually transform any outfit and make it look all the more glamorous and stylish. Not many of you must be aware of the different styles in which a scarf can be worn.

6 different ways to drape a scarf or a stole for a trendy and fashionable look:

fashion creative

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Heels : Different types of shoes

I was going through a shoe obsession phase and was searching for the perfect pair of formal shoes for my office wardrobe. Getting confused at every step of reading through shoe fashion blogs and related  magazines, I got curious to know more about different types of shoes.

This search for the perfect pair, fascinated me at the wide world of shoes and made me realize that one can transform the entire outfit to look classy, by just wearing the right kind of shoes. Making one feel confident and ladylike, shoes are the foundation of any outfit and gives you the confidence of defining your look, just the way that suits best to you.

In order to know about different types of shoes,  we firstly need to know different types of heels:

Different types of women shoes



Versatile Black & White Stripes

There’s no better color combination than premium, sophisticated  black and white and the pattern complimenting these colors is stripes.  It’s an ultimate classic pattern which is so diverse and playful that you can experiment with it in so many fashionable ways .

Think of them as a neutral pattern that can pair with anything .How about Stripes on stripes for a modern and super- cool look.Also trending the fashion scene is the stripes in flirtier fits like cropped tops, flaired skirts and form fitting outfits.Combine these stripes with a bold black or neutral white outfit for a smart and classy look. B&W striped tee , blazer when paired with jeans spills out a sporty and casual feel to  an overall outfit..



Add a pop of color along with stripes and create a fashion-forward look with a mod edge.


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Playing with the colors of Kutch Embroidery : My fantasy

Hey Girls, Do mirrors and tassel embroidery done on vibrant fabrics fascinate you? Or Are you enamoured by the intricate threadwork and eye-catching colours that are wondrous and unique at the same moment? I am sure that you must have felt mesmerized by the brightly colored and famous intricate art –Kutch embroidery

Vibrant colours, floral patterns, animal motifs designs and the mirror work used in Kutch embroidery are so intriguing and attractive that I am really awe-struck by the beauty of this wonderful work of art.

Outfit ideas by way of gorgeous Kutch embroidery work:

  • Multi coloured kutch mirror work blouses teamed up with any plain colored sari in either cotton or chiffon to create a stunning and royal look


  •  Anarkali suit with embroidery patch work for festive occasion


  • Hand – embroidered bags for a perfect causal look


  • Lehagna skirt – A special occasion skirt


  •  Kutch embroidery waistcoat to enhance the look of our outfit.


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Crochet: Latest fashion trends

It has been rightly said that fashion trends always repeat themselves, which means that this 70’s vintage crochet fashion is back in trend that too in redefined styles and patterns. Crocheting is no longer a grandma’s favorite pastime & is not just ideal for tablecloths, bedspreads, potholders anymore. Infact,it’s taking over the fashion scene with a fresh & revitalized version of the vintage trend. I am really fascinated with this magnificent needle art and intricate detailing that goes into making a crochet piece. It makes clothing look even more unique and unusual by adding a free – spirit bohemian vibe to it.

Let’s explore latest fashion trends be in style with crochet:crochet fashion trebds

crochet fashion trends

 crochet fashion trends

crochet fashion trends

crochet fashion

crochet fashion trend



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Women belts: 6 must have belts for your wardrobe

Belts add style and sophistication to many different outfits and are a great way to create a fashion statement. Women Belts have always been a popular fashion accessory and give a unique look to a dress. You can wear them with all types of outfits be it dresses, shorts, skirts, office pants, trousers & low rise pants and add more interest to your look & style. The good thing about belts is that they can be worn by any body type and still look amazingly good.

Women Belts are available in a variety of materials, shapes and styles such as plastic, cloth, canvas, leather, metal and denim, with beautiful glass work or bead work, knotted buckles and braided. It’s hard to ignore them. These not only accentuate your waste, also add spice to your outfit and make them elegant & classy

6 must have belts for your wardrobe:

  • Obi belts- The Obi belt is of Japanese origin and is named after the Japanese sashes worn with kimonos. These are self tied with no buckles .The beauty of an obi belt is that it can be knotted and tightened to someone’s liking, you can wrap around and tie either at the front, back or side .These sash style belts fit a variety of body shapes and offer promise to summer wardrobes.

Obi belts

  •  Chain belts – These are skinny and sophisticated, super- glamorous & stud- embellishments which look pretty when tied around waist. For heavy waistline, chain belts should always be avoided.

women chain belts

  •  Braided belts – Ultra – peppy belts are the braided strands of cord, string, yarn, leather strips woven together. Colour variants of these belts look funky and trendy and enhance the look of the outfit.

Braided belts

  • Skinny belts Skinny belts look great when worn with a pair of trousers, cinch dress and tunics, high wasted pencil skirt or dress .These belts look better sleek and very stylish with a skinnier look.

skinny belts

  •  Elastic belts These are more comfortable and expand with the body. Looks great on hour glass, pear shaped body. In case of those with tummy, If the elastic is too tight, tummy bulge comes out. Make sure it isn’t too tight. Elastic belt goes very well with long maxi dress and full skirt.

Women elastic belts

  •  Tribal belts Made of colourful plastic beads, shell cones give a very ethnic and tribal look to the outfit. These belts can be worn with boot-cut jeans and plain long full skirts .

Tribal belts

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Animal Prints- A Bold Fashion Statement

Animal prints are here to stay and make a bold fashion statement each time one dons them…Be it leopard, zebra or tiger, these prints form an ultimate accessory for a diva who is looking for something a bit bold, loud and outspoken for her wardrobe. These prints always remain a fashion favourite and add sizzle & glamour to any look.

Animal Print trends are an evergreen fashion style and are universally adored by all the age groups. These head- turning prints catch the viewer’s attention with their irregular and asymmetrical design patterns; make a statement about confidence conveying power to the wearer. Animal print clothing, accessories, bags and shoes make you fashion –forward and stylish enough if paired well sensibly.

Trendy ways to wear animal prints:

1. Go wild: Patterns in Chiffon/Georgette fabric

In summers, animal prints can be  used on translucent fabrics like chiffon, crape and Georgette. From tank tops to short sleeve shirts, ruffled full sleeve shirt to shoulder cut tops, every ensemble looks feminine, yet edgy, and you will have fun putting them together.

A short-sleeve top or full sleeve chiffon shirt will not only look great at work, but also will be nice to wear during weekend events. Not to miss, pencil leopard skirt complimented with black shirt or the other way round looks classy and this trendy style is great for the working ladies.

When paired with a classic white trousers and a scarf also look high on fashion and stylish. Infact, animal print chiffon saris too are quite a rage, look beautiful and give a glamorous and a royal look when teamed with suitable accessories

how  to wear animal prints


how to wear animal prints

.2.Go easy and simple: Pair them with divine denims:

The easiest way to wear animal print is to pair them with denims. Denim is a natural basic that takes on these wild prints well and grounds them. You can dress up these combinations as casual dress or Friday dressing for women at work.

animal prints and denims

3.A Wild walk with Animal Print Shoes

Be it platforms, wedges, heals, boots and pumps, animal prints never go out of fashion. Both leopard and zebra pencil heals look great with skinny jeans or black trousers. When you wear animal print footwear, it compliments your dressing. Keep the rest of your ensemble simple, never overdo, when paired with animal print footwear. Try to avoid wearing embellished and printed clothing, or any other printed accessories, opt for neutral, single toned outfits instead.

animal print shoes

4.Keep it simple! Go for Minimalistic  Accessories

Do wear accessories at bare minimum in order to avoid a tacky look. Since animal prints become overpowering, its best never to go overboard and choose them carefully in order to avoid style faux pas. Team your outfit with some tribal animal print earrings, tiger, leopard and butterfly print scarves, zebra print clutches and snakeskin sling bags and spice up your look.Animal prints handbags add lot of vigor and sophistication to look & style

how  to wear animal prints

5. Black power  sophistication

When paired with black outfit, animal prints always looks its best ensuring that you look classy and elegant. And a hint of red adds a pop and an extra oomph to the ensemble.

animal prints with black dress

zebra print with black top

6. Exude your brave self- Couple them with Statement colours.

Animal prints teamed with loud and bright colours are a fashion statement for the bold and brave. Opt for emerald green, canary yellow, cobalt blue and teal. A little splash of soothing pastel color balances out the wild appeal and tones down the wild factor making the outfit perfect for both night and day ..

animal prints with color pants

image c/o Harper Bazaar & Pinterest