what to wear in Autumn/Winter : 5 Fall Fashion trends 2014

I like to keep up with the newest fashion trends especially during the transition of seasons and its quite important that in order to be fashionable, your wardrobe is updated with the latest on the fashion cards. The new season is just around the corner. Are you wondering what to put on your shopping list for this fall? I have something new and refreshing which would inspire you and boost your spirit.  My post today is about Top 5 fashion trends for Fall 2014 to make you look fabulous and trendy this season.

So let’s take a look at the season’s buzziest trends which you can add to your closet:

 Go Green: Newest fashion Color Trend

I have noticed in most of the cases that we often stick to palette colors which are personal favorites, ending up giving ourselves a monotonous look. Try to embrace those colors which are not only in fashion, but are also appropriate for a season.Fashion experts have forecasted and rounded up the most unexpected Green as the hottest fall 2014 color.

Color Green is most commonly associated with nature and the environment, spring, hope and envy. Variants of green give freshness and coolness of nature and look refreshing to the eyes. Here are some suggestions if you want to include green in your wardrobe:

For an evening party or a formal event, Emerald green in combination with black and gold looks really hot and stylish. This vibrant and bright color compliments all skin types. For a classic style, match a green outfit with some neutral colors like beige, white or black adding golden or metal finish accessories. If you are an ardent fan of the military color, you can add some olive green outfits- flattering peplums, jackets, cargo pants and accessories to your wardrobe. Another interesting way you could wear this color would be by mixing and matching different shades, textures, patterns and prints of green.

Have  a bet,  this color is surely going to rule the winter fashion and I personally love it !

high knee boots for women

 Amazing Coats

There are certain trends which were very much in fashion last year and would be carried forward this season too. Coats are making a major comeback this season.

From fur to leather, bright red to dark colors, long to short length, , printed texture or boxed forms to plain bold colors, whether with or without a collar – the coats are so versatile and look fabulous giving a warm and comfy look and feel.

Your shopping kit is not complete if you don’t have a coat in your winter collection.

women coats

Color blocking

Color blocking is the classic fashion trend which is a great way to creatively put-together different color hues showing how stylish you are. Fall is a better time to wear loud, bright colors and look fabulous. Although you should stick to 2 or 3 maximum colors, one of my favorite ways is to pair three different hues to make that one perfect look and a great statement this winter season.

color blocking

Fashionable Leather

Leather – the classic, luxe fabric has always been a coolest fashion trend every fall and can be dressed up and down giving you an edgy look. Pencil skirts ,baggy and loose fit pants, leggings or skinny pants ,cropped jackets all look modish and sophisticated at the same time. Leather in combination with white shirt looks stunning and amazing- CHIC AND STYLISH .

Skinny jeans and leather jacket also looks awesome together and gives you  a cool girl look.

leather outfits for women

Knee high boots

Knee-high boots made out of synthetic rubber, leather and suede, are the most essential part of any women’s winter wardrobe to keep legs warm and feet dry, simultaneously, making you look chic and stylish. I personally find them most trendiest and versatile item which can be worn with any outfit or any fashion staple. A tight fitted boot worn with loose sweaters or  a plaid or flannel skirt or an oversized coat makes a fancy fashion statement.

My hot tip to you is if you’re already hunting a suitable pair of boots, go for the soft texture suede knee high boots with a pointed toe and a stiletto heel, giving you an elegant feminine look.

women high knee boots



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