Plaids: My favourite fall essential

Welcome the fall with Plaids !

Plaid is one of those fashion trends which keeps repeating itself year after year and will never go out of style. Gone are the days when plaid was just worn as a classic red pleated school skirt, this fashion trend has shown its versatility in various shapes ,forms and styles. You can wear it as casual – button down plaid shirt and jeans , office wear –plaid pencil skirts , trousers or jackets  , sophisticated or evening outwear – peplum tops, give yourself a street style look – flannel shirts. This trend can be integrated  easily into your everyday look and can also be dressed up and down.

Look at the different ways to style up with plaids and start shopping !. 

Plaid Pencil Skirt

Plaids pencil skirt

Plaid shirt

Plaid Bomber Jacket

Plaids Bomber Jacket

Plaid Leggings and pants

Plaids leggings

Plaid Layered with a cardigan

Plaids rolled up sleeve

Plaid sandals and Boots

Plaids Boots and Pumps



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