Women Tuxedos : New Fashion Trend

Are you a fearless, liberated, independent woman? Tuxedo – known as a female power suit, is a perfect ensemble for a woman who wants to make a bold and powerful fashion statement.

Though traditionally, Tuxedo has been considered as a men’s fashion attire; of late it has become a hot fashion trend for women ,giving them a stylish, sophisticated, and feminine look– all at the same time!  A woman in a tuxedo or a suit will always stand out in the crowd and will make a classy and elegant statement.I would personally tag it as sophisticated glamour ensemble which has now become a women’s wear classic and a must have for women’s wardrobe.

Velvet women’s tuxedo from Tom Ford Women’s A/W 2011 collectionVelvet women's tuxedo from Tom Ford Women's A/W 2011 collection 

To give you a brief history about the origin of Women tuxedo, this style was first created by fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent as a part of his Autumn/Winter ‘Pop Art’ collection in 1966 and was called Le Smoking Tuxedo suit. The outfit allowed woman to feel empowered because of its strong symbolization of being successful, powerful and gave a strong sense of a breakthrough women when she wore stereotypical male clothing. This style was made iconic in Helmut Newston’s photographs shot for French Vougue featuring models wearing three piece tuxedo suit. German -American actress and singer Marlene Dietrich was one of the famous ladies to don  tuxedo suits .

Helmut Newton’s iconic photo of Le Smoking, 1975 Helmut Newton's iconic photo of Le Smoking, 1975

Yves Saint-Laurent 1983. Le Smoking...
Tuxedos have been endorsed by many celebrities on red carpet as an alternative to trendy evening wear and fashion gowns. This style outfit has influenced fashion designers to play with various shapes, cuts and styles.Many new styles of women tuxedos are in trend these days and can be worn on different occasions.

Angelina Jolie in Saint Laurent tuxedo...

Women Tuxedo

Are you curious to know how to wear this style outfit in a modern trendy manner? Here are few tips for you….

  • For any event or a cocktail party, if you are bored with floor length dresses/gowns and want to opt for something that is trendy and gives a new look, then slim-fit tuxedo -style suit is a stylish choice that will make you look chic and savvy.

Women tuxedo for cocktail event

Image c/o dailymail.co.ukWomen tuxedo for cocktail event

Women Tuxedo for cocktail  party

  • Why stick only to black? Explore other color schemes too. Black & White color coordination is an ideal way of looking great . All your pieces should fit closely to your frame , else it will appear fluid and baggy. Choose the right the cut of the suit ,go for slim cut trousers and fitted blazers to really make this look work.
  • Pair the chic white tuxedo blazer or a jacket with skinny black trousers for a stylish look.

White Tuxedo

 White Tuxedo

 White Tuxedo

  • Another way to standout is to pair white tuxedo shirt with black leather trousers and wear it with out a jacket.

White blouse with Tuxedo pants

  • Pair a women’s structured tuxedo jacket with summer shorts or a body-hugging skirt in the springtime.

white Tuxedo Jacket and shorts


How to stack bracelets – Bracelets stacking tips

I have been an ardent fan of stacking  bracelets for a long time  and absolutely love the creative side of it . Simply fun and affordable , you can explore multiple ways of stacking by mixing different textures and colors, adding vintage pieces, leather bracelets and cuffs giving a twist to your conventional look and style.What fascinates me is the bold and edgy look when stacked only on one arm adding an oomph factor to your outfit.

how to stack bracelets

There is no limitation to the number , style and manner in which you want to stack them. Just let unleash your creativity, add wings to your imagination and only sky is the limit. You can mix and match the way  you want showcasing your own  unique and  individual style.

how to stack bracelets

Bracelet stacking doesn’t follow any rule. I have out together few tips,  If you need an idea on how to stack bracelets.

  • Embrace a little bit of everything and go for the one which you feel looks perfect on you and the outfit you are wearing. Pick your favorite bracelets and mix color beads, chunky metal bangles, tasseled wooden bead bracelets and threads, toss with variety of textures,  personalize it and create signature look that symbolizes you.  This mix and match combination will look good on casuals, cropped tops, T-shirt and jeans.

how to stack bracelets

how to stack bracelets

  • Something new on the trend is neon arm party bracelets which you can wear with  plain, neutral color outfits .It would add a pop of color to your outfit and make it all the  more interesting and exciting.

how to stack braceletsHow to stack bracelets

  • Compliment your bangles by adding a statement ring . Rings come in several different colored gemstones ,so choose the right ones to complete your look.


  • Get the trendy stacked look by wearing a watch and the bracelets together. Most common trend is to place the watch in the  middle of  bracelets ,you can wear  big gold watches or  more feminine ones .  Also try a monochromatic look or combination of colors and textures in contrast to the outfit you are wearing.

how to stack bracelets

how to stack bracelets

how to stack bracelets

  • You can mix a leather bracelet with charm beads, cuffs and other types of bracelets to express your bohemian style.

how to stack bracelets

 how to stack up bracelets

  • I remember making friendship bands as a kid for my friends and myself .  Never thought it would become such a popular fashion trend and a personal style statement for fashion lovers. Stack up braided , colorful and embellished friendship bands for a feminine , casual look. You can wear them just by mixing various colors or combine them with other bracelets and fancy bangles .

how to stack bracelets

how to stack bracelets

how to stack bracelets

Images found on Pinterest

Silk Scarves- Prints and Patterns

I confess my  obsession and life time fashion addiction for silk scarves. My friends like to call me “The Scarf Lady” . Silk scarf is my personal style statement and my wardrobe has everything from art design to geometric patterns, vintage art to animal prints. Simple lines, flower patterns, natural color dyes catch my fancy. Nothing can match the elegance and softness of the silk scarf .A Silk Scarf, to my opinion, is perfect accessory for women, adding a lot of grace and style to a persona.

Recently, I have come across some incredible design patterns, thought I would share with you all. A visual treat to the fashionistas .

Silk Scarves


Silk Scarves designs

Silk Scarves designs

Silk Scarves

Silk Scarf vintage designs

Silk Scarf birds


Silk ScarvesImage c/o Harper Bazaar, Pinterest

How to wear yellow ! Different styles and color combinations

Say hello to Mellow Yellow!

Yellow is a very brave and confident choice. Its a color of happiness and is associated with energy, warmth, joy, cheerfulness, happiness and curiosity. So by embracing this upbeat and cheerful color, you are not only promoting these emotions but are also bringing up the confident and vibrant side of your personality. So all the more reason to wear it wholeheartedly  ! that too in different style and combinations.

For me.yellow is the most cheerful and flattering  color. Here are some interesting ways of wearing yellow:

  • As a coat : Yellow coats, blazers, and other types of jackets are a hot fashion trend these days and will make you look fabulous and trendy.

how to wear yellow

how to wear yellow

how to wear yellow

how to wear yellow

  • As a top

Different shades of yellow can be worn as a top/blouse . Looks amazing with neutral outfits like blue jeans, white or black , camel.. If solid yellow is too bright for you and is overpowering, then you can tone down the effect of the yellow by combining your yellow top with a neutral colors blazer or a loose shirt.

yellow top

  • As a skirt

I completely adore yellow skirts! From mini to maxi, circular to flared — a yellow skirt is a spring/summer must-have.

how to wear yellow

  • As a pant:

Bright Yellow pant/ trouser  is a brave choice . If paired with white / black shirt , yellow pants will look highly fashionable. Shopping for yellow pants can be difficult since very few brands keep them.

yellow pants

  •  As a dress:

Yellow is the most eye catching color and draws attention . A yellow dress will make you get noticed and will turn heads at any evening event.

how to wear yelllow

  • As a print

If you don’t want to go for all out yellow then choose beautiful flower dresses that includes this color.

how to wear yellow

how to wear yellow

  • As an accessory + shoes +handbag

To give your outfit extra flair, go for yellow accessories, rocking shoes, handbags, nail polish, and bracelets.

 how to wear yellow

yellow accessories

  • In combinations with other colors

Yellow when combined with blues (cobalt, peacock blue) and greens (emerald green) , orange and coral pink, lavender looks so awesome together. Yellow is also great to wear with some of the neutrals, especially white. Looks great when accented with black… so classy and sophisticated… yet not stuffy or overdone.

how to wear yellow

how to wear yellow

Tune in to the shades of yellow , you are definitely the Miss Sunshine in your circle!

So what are you thinking! Get ready for an instant sunshine … Experiment charismatic and funky yellow and give it a go! .Share with us how do you feel when you wear the colour? What are your thoughts?

(image c/o pinterest)

Creative ways to tie a scarf !

Scarves and stoles – the most underrated fashion accessory which can actually transform any outfit and make it look all the more glamorous and stylish. Not many of you must be aware of the different styles in which a scarf can be worn.

6 different ways to drape a scarf or a stole for a trendy and fashionable look:

fashion creative

image c/o pinterest


Heels : Different types of shoes

I was going through a shoe obsession phase and was searching for the perfect pair of formal shoes for my office wardrobe. Getting confused at every step of reading through shoe fashion blogs and related  magazines, I got curious to know more about different types of shoes.

This search for the perfect pair, fascinated me at the wide world of shoes and made me realize that one can transform the entire outfit to look classy, by just wearing the right kind of shoes. Making one feel confident and ladylike, shoes are the foundation of any outfit and gives you the confidence of defining your look, just the way that suits best to you.

In order to know about different types of shoes,  we firstly need to know different types of heels:

Different types of women shoes



Versatile Black & White Stripes

There’s no better color combination than premium, sophisticated  black and white and the pattern complimenting these colors is stripes.  It’s an ultimate classic pattern which is so diverse and playful that you can experiment with it in so many fashionable ways .

Think of them as a neutral pattern that can pair with anything .How about Stripes on stripes for a modern and super- cool look.Also trending the fashion scene is the stripes in flirtier fits like cropped tops, flaired skirts and form fitting outfits.Combine these stripes with a bold black or neutral white outfit for a smart and classy look. B&W striped tee , blazer when paired with jeans spills out a sporty and casual feel to  an overall outfit..



Add a pop of color along with stripes and create a fashion-forward look with a mod edge.


Image c/o Harper Bazaar, Pinterest