What to wear to work : Women business formals fashion tips

Women are fashion curious and like to look fashionable all the day, but adding an alluring dose of style between 9 and 5 office working hours can be a challenge. For a smart, intelligent , independent, confident  woman who works in a formal environment, corporate dressing can be a big challenge. Not only because the work environment is formal and conservative, but also the fact that there is a limitation to the varieties of styles available for women business formal dresses which can project a a successful and competent  image in a work environment. The biggest challenge for a working woman is to dress well every single morning, as they always get confused thinking what to wear to office. The challenge here is to bring in variations in formal clothing and add a fashionable pop to an otherwise basic or drab office outfit. to project a professional, competent image

While there are no rules in the fashion world, there do exist rules for fashion in the workplace. While a formal outfit makes a fashion statement about you and defines your personality, it also makes you feel confident about yourself and present yourself in the best possible avatar. After all, as a famous corporate fashion advice goes – “You just don’t want to go wrong with corporate dressing, because what you wear to office defines your personality and attitude, and a possible career enhancement.”

women business formals

General fashion tips on how look professional and fashionable at office. Hope you find them useful .

Pencil skirt:  Pencil skirt makes a classic fashion statement and is also known as power skirt in western formals .A form fitting,  sleek knee- length  pencil skirt in neutral and dark shades of grey , blue and black can work wonders when paired with formals shirts. Coordination of White shirt and black pencil skirt is a perfect business outfit combination .

 formal pencil skirts

White shirt: Classic White button-down shirt is  the most formal outfit and looks great with any combination. It’s clean, crisp , sophisticated and you can pair it with almost anything. A white shirt and a black pant is a classic combo for a formal fashionable look.

white formal shirtwhite formal shirt for womenwhite formal shirt

Formal Shirts:  Try for  sleeveless , half sleeves and full sleeves in coordination with  trousers and formal skirts. Wear pastel shades in stripes, small prints  but avoid extremely bright shades  prints since that would steal away the sophisticated professional look.

women formal shirts

Formal Trousers : Your office wardrobe must have a smart – fit, mid- waist  formals trousers and pants which can be paired with a well- fitted button – down shirt. Formal trousers in Black, grey , blue and brown colors are most appropriate for an office wear. Light colors such as white and cream also looks good and classy when coordinated with a fitted top. Only challenge with light colors is to ensure that you are able to keep them clean and neat throughout the day else it will give a very tacky look  . Women Formal Trousers

Blazers : Must- have piece of clothing  in every working women’s wardrobe.  Blazers add a touch of sophistication when worn with trousers or formal skirts. Dark neutral shades – Black, navy blue or charcoal grey are excellent for office wear . Lighter shades – white, cream or beige gives you a perfectly polished look.

women formal blazers


A very classy bag which has lot of space to carry almost everything is must for every working woman. Go for colors  colors like  beige, black  or brown which can go with every outfit. Leading fashion brands –  Burberry, Louis Vuitton  , Hidesign have a specific range of colors, shapes and sizes which are perfect to add some style and class to your look.

business handbags




How to wear yellow ! Different styles and color combinations

Say hello to Mellow Yellow!

Yellow is a very brave and confident choice. Its a color of happiness and is associated with energy, warmth, joy, cheerfulness, happiness and curiosity. So by embracing this upbeat and cheerful color, you are not only promoting these emotions but are also bringing up the confident and vibrant side of your personality. So all the more reason to wear it wholeheartedly  ! that too in different style and combinations.

For me.yellow is the most cheerful and flattering  color. Here are some interesting ways of wearing yellow:

  • As a coat : Yellow coats, blazers, and other types of jackets are a hot fashion trend these days and will make you look fabulous and trendy.

how to wear yellow

how to wear yellow

how to wear yellow

how to wear yellow

  • As a top

Different shades of yellow can be worn as a top/blouse . Looks amazing with neutral outfits like blue jeans, white or black , camel.. If solid yellow is too bright for you and is overpowering, then you can tone down the effect of the yellow by combining your yellow top with a neutral colors blazer or a loose shirt.

yellow top

  • As a skirt

I completely adore yellow skirts! From mini to maxi, circular to flared — a yellow skirt is a spring/summer must-have.

how to wear yellow

  • As a pant:

Bright Yellow pant/ trouser  is a brave choice . If paired with white / black shirt , yellow pants will look highly fashionable. Shopping for yellow pants can be difficult since very few brands keep them.

yellow pants

  •  As a dress:

Yellow is the most eye catching color and draws attention . A yellow dress will make you get noticed and will turn heads at any evening event.

how to wear yelllow

  • As a print

If you don’t want to go for all out yellow then choose beautiful flower dresses that includes this color.

how to wear yellow

how to wear yellow

  • As an accessory + shoes +handbag

To give your outfit extra flair, go for yellow accessories, rocking shoes, handbags, nail polish, and bracelets.

 how to wear yellow

yellow accessories

  • In combinations with other colors

Yellow when combined with blues (cobalt, peacock blue) and greens (emerald green) , orange and coral pink, lavender looks so awesome together. Yellow is also great to wear with some of the neutrals, especially white. Looks great when accented with black… so classy and sophisticated… yet not stuffy or overdone.

how to wear yellow

how to wear yellow

Tune in to the shades of yellow , you are definitely the Miss Sunshine in your circle!

So what are you thinking! Get ready for an instant sunshine … Experiment charismatic and funky yellow and give it a go! .Share with us how do you feel when you wear the colour? What are your thoughts?

(image c/o pinterest)