How to pull off cropped denim jacket ? :Fashion tips

Do you remember, when did you last own a cropped denim jacket? It must be in the late 80’s since that was the time when a denim jacket became high fashion and was definitely a must – have in every girl’s wardrobe staple. It looked incredibly fashionable and stylish.

denim vintage look

As new fashion trends evolved, somehow this jean jacket faded away into the oblivion as if it would never return! This trend has made a grand comeback in this year’s fall and winter season. It looks really stylish and jazzes up any simple outfit giving it a new look.

You will see lot of celebrities sporting cropped denim jackets in various shades, with embellishments like sequins , rhinestones, beads or studs. Let’s take style inspirations from RIHANNA.

  • She teamed it with black Alexander Wang Crepe V-Neck Jumpsuit, Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Alma BB Bag, Manolo Blahnik Chaos Sandal, spilling out a boho chic look.
  • Also, denim jacket paired black legging and white tank top shirt looks so cool yet stylish white cropped top with denim jeans.
  • Denim jacket paired with a white cropped top and jeans looks so trendy and impressive.

rrihanna in cropped denim j

What to wear denim jackets with??

  • Denim with denim jeans or skirts: The famous fashion style of 1980’s even now  looks really fabulous and stylish, giving you an edgy-vibe when worn in contrast with dark denim jeans or shorts. Colored denim paired with cropped denim jacket would be a good choice for an evening out.

Cropped denim with jeans

Source: Getty / Rindoff Petroff/Dufour

Cropped denim with skirt

  • Denim Jackets with Maxi Skirt: Try something more girly and feminine by layering a flowy maxi dress with a cropped denim jacket. Choose lively prints and colors for a youthful and ultra-feminine look.

cropped denim jacket  with maxi skirt

  • Denim jacket over a romper or jumpsuit: Wear denim jacket over a sleeveless romper or jumpsuit for a street-style look.

cropped denim jacket with romper

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  • Denim with Khaki pants:  Cropped jacket with khaki cargo or shorts are a great option for a relaxed and laid – back semi-masculine appearance.

 cropped denim jacket with khaki cargos and pants

  • Denim with Pencil skirt: Together ,this combination makes an incredible fashion statement. A Fashion tip: Go for different shades, patterns and textures of pencil skirts to add a sense of vibrancy and little more brightness to the outfit combination.

Cropped denim jacket with pencil skirt